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        Taipeng · products

        • Polyester spunbonded nonwove
        • Short fiber nonwovens
        • Melt blown nonwovens
        • High temperature filter mate

        Taipeng · appliacation

        • Filtration and separation
        • Medical treatment and hygiene
        • Civil and construction
        • Textile and clothing
        • Industrial materials
        • Decoration
        • Filtration and separation

          Liquid filtration, gas filtration, oil and gas filtration, water treatment membrane, etc

          Filtration and separation
        The company was founded in 2003 with a registered capital of 91 million yuan and holding Shandong Taipeng New Materials Co., Ltd..
        Taipeng Nonwoven
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        Honesty, the way of heaven
        Sincerity, the way of people
        Taipeng Nonwoven
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        Build a high-quality professional team
        Practice systematic and standardized internal management
        Integrity Benchmarking
        Taipeng Nonwoven
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        TAIPENG · NEWS

        Contact us

        Add: 313#, Gongyesan Road, Feicheng, Shandong, China
        Tel: +86-538-3393666/3309396
        Fax: +86-538-3309866
        E-mail: info@sdtaipeng.com




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